Advanced VLSI Design

IIT Bombay , Prof.A.N. Chandorkar D.K. Sharma Sachin Patkar Virendra Singh

Power Estimation and Control in CMOS VLSI circuits continued


Lecture Description

Advanced VLSI Design by Prof. A.N. Chandorkar, Prof. D.K. Sharma, Prof. Sachin Patkar, Prof. Virendra Singh,Department of Electrical Engineering,IIT Bombay. For more details on NPTEL visit

Course Description

CMOS VLSI Design for Power and Speed consideration :Historical Perspective and Future Trends in CMOS VLSI Circuit and System Design – Logical Effort – A way of Designing Fast CMOS Circuits – Power Estimation and Control in CMOS VLSI circuits – Low Power Design Techniques;Datapath Design:Arithmetic Implementation Strategies for VLSI;Interconnect aware design:Interconnect aware design: Impact of scaling, buffer insertion and
Inductive peaking – Interconnect aware design: Low swing and Current mode signaling – Interconnect aware design: Capacitively coupled interconnects;Hardware Description Languages for VLSI Design:Managing concurrency and time in Hardware Description Languages – Introduction to VHDL – Basic Components in VHDL – Structural Description in VHDL – Behavioral Description in VHDL – Introduction to Verilog

FSM Controller/Datapath and Processor Design:FSM + datapath (GCD example) – FSM + datapath (continued) – Single Cycle MMIPS – Multicycle MMIPS – Multicycle MMIPS – FSM;VLSI Design Automation:Brief Overview of Basic VLSI Design Automation Concepts – Netlist and System Partitioning – Timing Analysis in the context of Physical Design Automation – Placement algorithm;VLSI Design Test and Verification:Introduction to VLSI Testing
VLSI Test Basics:VLSI Testing: Automatic Test Pattern Generation,Design for Test (DFT),Built-In Self-Test (BIST) – VLSI Design Verification: An Introduction Equivalence Checking,Equivalence/Model Checking,Model Checking

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