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Machine Learning Tutorial in Python helps you gain expertise in various types of machine learning algorithms like supervised, unsupervised and reinforcement algorithms. Through this playlist you will be learning the important Machine Learning concepts and its implementation in python programming language.


Lecture 1: Machine Learning Full Course - Learn Machine Learning 10 Hours | Machine Learning Tutorial | Edureka

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This Edureka Machine Learning Full Course video will help you understand and learn Machine Learning Algorithms in detail. This Machine Learning Tutorial is ideal for both beginners as well as professionals who want to master Machine Learning Algorithms. Below are the topics covered in this Machine Learning Tutorial for Beginners video:
2:47 What is Machine Learning?
4:08 AI vs ML vs Deep Learning
5:43 How does Machine Learning works?
6:18 Types of Machine Learning
6:43 Supervised Learning
8:38 Supervised Learning Examples
11:49 Unsupervised Learning
13:54 Unsupervised Learning Examples
16:09 Reinforcement Learning
18:39 Reinforcement Learning Examples
19:34 AI vs Machine Learning vs Deep Learning
22:09 Examples of AI
23:39 Examples of Machine Learning
25:04 What is Deep Learning?
25:54 Example of Deep Learning
27:29 Machine Learning vs Deep Learning
33:49 Jupyter Notebook Tutorial
34:49 Installation
50:24 Machine Learning Tutorial
51:04 Classification Algorithm
51:39 Anomaly Detection Algorithm
52:14 Clustering Algorithm
53:34 Regression Algorithm
54:14 Demo: Iris Dataset
1:12:11 Stats & Probability for Machine Learning
1:16:16 Categories of Data
1:16:36 Qualitative Data
1:17:51 Quantitative Data
1:20:55 What is Statistics?
1:23:25 Statistics Terminologies
1:24:30 Sampling Techniques
1:27:15 Random Sampling
1:28:05 Systematic Sampling
1:28:35 Stratified Sampling
1:29:35 Types of Statistics
1:32:21 Descriptive Statistics
1:37:36 Measures of Spread
1:44:01 Information Gain & Entropy
1:56:08 Confusion Matrix
2:00:53 Probability
2:03:19 Probability Terminologies
2:04:55 Types of Events
2:05:35 Probability of Distribution
2:10:45 Types of Probability
2:11:10 Marginal Probability
2:11:40 Joint Probability
2:12:35 Conditional Probability
2:13:30 Use-Case
2:17:25 Bayes Theorem
2:23:40 Inferential Statistics
2:24:00 Point Estimation
2:26:50 Interval Estimate
2:30:10 Margin of Error
2:34:20 Hypothesis Testing
2:41:25 Supervised Learning Algorithms
2:42:40 Regression
2:44:05 Linear vs Logistic Regression
2:49:55 Understanding Linear Regression Algorithm
3:11:10 Logistic Regression Curve
3:18:34 Titanic Data Analysis
3:58:39 Decision Tree
3:58:59 what is Classification?
4:01:24 Types of Classification
4:08:35 Decision Tree
4:14:20 Decision Tree Terminologies
4:18:05 Entropy
4:44:05 Credit Risk Detection Use-case
4:51:45 Random Forest
5:00:40 Random Forest Use-Cases
5:04:29 Random Forest Algorithm
5:16:44 KNN Algorithm
5:20:09 KNN Algorithm Working
5:27:24 KNN Demo
5:35:05 Naive Bayes
5:40:55 Naive Bayes Working
5:44:25Industrial Use of Naive Bayes
5:50:25 Types of Naive Bayes
5:51:25 Steps involved in Naive Bayes
5:52:05 PIMA Diabetic Test Use Case
6:04:55 Support Vector Machine
6:10:20 Non-Linear SVM
6:12:05 SVM Use-case
6:13:30 k Means Clustering & Association Rule Mining
6:16:33 Types of Clustering
6:17:34 K-Means Clustering
6:17:59 K-Means Working
6:21:54 Pros & Cons of K-Means Clustering
6:23:44 K-Means Demo
6:28:44 Hierarchical Clustering
6:31:14 Association Rule Mining
6:34:04 Apriori Algorithm
6:39:19 Apriori Algorithm Demo
6:43:29 Reinforcement Learning
6:46:39 Reinforcement Learning: Counter-Strike Example
6:53:59 Markovs Decision Process
6:58:04 Q-Learning
7:02:39 The Bellman Equation
7:12:14 Transitioning to Q-Learning
7:17:29 Implementing Q-Learning
7:23:33 Machine Learning Projects
7:38:53 Who is a ML Engineer?
7:39:28 ML Engineer Job Trends
7:40:43 ML Engineer Salary Trends
7:42:33 ML Engineer Skills
7:44:08 ML Engineer Job Description
7:45:53 ML Engineer Resume
7:54:48 Machine Learning Interview Questions

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Great course. Thank you very much.