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Are you looking to improve your proficiency in the field of mechanical sciences? It encompasses a wide variety of topics ranging from solar energy to micro fluids, fluid mechanics, rotor dynamics and more.

Our online video tutorials are going to explore and explain the different concepts that are a part of mechanical sciences. Those who are interested to know more about welding engineering and the way it functions can learn about the same with our tutorials. We even have lectures for advanced rocket propulsion which will have to do with a great deal of different complex calculations.

We have a separate course for mathematics model in engineering and science. This is crucial because mathematics has an important role to play when it comes to solving the different problems of mechanical science. With our lectures, one will be able to get a better and crisper understanding of the subject matter. The lectures have been segregated under different topic heads to make it better to understand the core aspects of mechanical sciences.

We have multiple lectures on fluid mechanics as we will teach the basic concepts and then move on to even advanced points which will help people easily grasp the technicalities and then work upon the same. When we are offering lessons on mechanics sciences, we have ensured that we will cover all the core ideas and offer even advanced lessons. So, feel free to explore the lectures to find the ones that pertain to your interest.
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