Ever fancied learning a new language? If the answer is yes, then why not start off with Spanish? This language is the second most widely spoken in the world. So now whether it is to boost your CV or manage with locals during your next holiday or just for the simple joy of flaunting your newly acquired Spanish skills, let’s [&hellip

Stanford recently announced that it is making changes to financial aid program to include more students. Currently, for a typical Stanford student costs around $65,000 without financial aid. Previously , students of students from families with less than $100,000 annual income, need not contribute towards tuition fee. But they still need to pay for the hostel and other charges. Now [&hellip

EBooks are a rage these days as there are too many people who are switching to eBooks as opposed to traditional books. Here, we are going to list 10 of the best free eBook apps which you can use to make the most out of your love for reading. 1. Kindle When we are talking of free eBook apps, there [&hellip

Starting this week Microsoft is offering free courses on edX platform, considered as No.1 MOOC courses provider. Microsoft is the first corporate company, non-academic institutions, collaborated with edX to provide free courses. These courses are focused on in-demand skills like programming, knowledge of office 365 API’s, building could apps with Microsoft azure etc.. In this mobile-first, cloud-first world, gaining knowledge [&hellip

Big Data in E-Learning: Looking To the Future As more and more institutions—educational, business, governments etc.—continue to integrate e-learning processes into both the classroom and corporate work space, the amount of data coming out from these institutes are multiplying considerably. These data which comes from the records—personal information, test scores, training materials, video lectures, free courses etc.—of millions of students [&hellip

MOOC courses are boon for people looking for free Quality education online. Which enables every one to learn from anywhere, any time. We are presenting here, 90+ free MOOC courses started in March 2015. Courses from edx, coursera, futurelearn and many other MOOC providers. MOOC courses started in March 2015  C++ Programming, 1st march 2015 Spirituality and Sensuality: Sacred Objects [&hellip

A student’s ability to be successful educationally, largely depends on how that particular student retains the information he or she receives from an educator. In return, the student’s ability to retain information largely depends on the mode of learning that suits the individual. What is Gamification in Education? To understand the meaning of the term Gamification, one must have a [&hellip

Google’s recent focus on the field of education and e-learning has left educators looking forward to its maneuvers with something akin to awe. But what are the innovations Google has brought to the hallowed field of education in general and e-learning in particular? Revolutionizing the E-learning In order to give you a thorough incite to Google’s reach in the field [&hellip

Integrating Google Glass in Your Virtual Classrooms Integrations of smart devices and wearables into today’s vibrant classrooms have been some of the predominant trends in education as can be seen from the ‘one child, one tablet device’ movement occurring in the school districts of Los Angeles. These great strides all but raise the question of how e-learning can also leverage [&hellip