Big Data in E-Learning: Looking To the Future As more and more institutions—educational, business, governments etc.—continue to integrate e-learning processes into both the classroom and corporate work space, the amount of data coming out from these institutes are multiplying considerably. These data which comes from the records—personal information, test scores, training materials, video lectures, free courses etc.—of millions of students [&hellip

MOOC courses are boon for people looking for free Quality education online. Which enables every one to learn from anywhere, any time. We are presenting here, 90+ free MOOC courses started in March 2015. Courses from edx, coursera, futurelearn and many other MOOC providers. MOOC courses started in March 2015  C++ Programming, 1st march 2015 Spirituality and Sensuality: Sacred Objects [&hellip

A student’s ability to be successful educationally, largely depends on how that particular student retains the information he or she receives from an educator. In return, the student’s ability to retain information largely depends on the mode of learning that suits the individual. What is Gamification in Education? To understand the meaning of the term Gamification, one must have a [&hellip

Google’s recent focus on the field of education and e-learning has left educators looking forward to its maneuvers with something akin to awe. But what are the innovations Google has brought to the hallowed field of education in general and e-learning in particular? Revolutionizing the E-learning In order to give you a thorough incite to Google’s reach in the field [&hellip

Integrating Google Glass in Your Virtual Classrooms Integrations of smart devices and wearables into today’s vibrant classrooms have been some of the predominant trends in education as can be seen from the ‘one child, one tablet device’ movement occurring in the school districts of Los Angeles. These great strides all but raise the question of how e-learning can also leverage [&hellip

For quite a while now, those on the receiving end of knowledge—students—have been neglected by both those who have the responsibility of teaching them and online educators on the subject of how students can increase their productivity/learning speed. Therefore, the bold step of looking into the student’s life and discussing tips on facing the stress of studying for that next [&hellip

The world of online education or e-learning is a dynamic one for as the world continues to advance in technology, so will education in our classrooms and more importantly online teaching procedures or techniques. And as with all changes, a certain percentage of educators and students will find them better than the old way of handling things while the others [&hellip

With the new iTunes U app for iPhone and iPad, it’s easier than ever for Apple lovers to access quality educational resources for free. Of course, if you have a Mac or PC with iTunes installed, you can still access this wealth of great resources – and even sync video and audio to your mobile devices. We checked out for  best iTunesU [&hellip

Whether you’re just curious and want to learn more about the operating system, or you need to become comfortable with Linux for work, there are some great resources out there to help you get started. Why spend $100 or more on a course for learning Linux, when there’s so many free sites available to help you out? Sites to Learn Linux: [&hellip