130+ NPTEL(IIT) Courses with Video Lectures

NPTEL courses So far we have seen video courses from MIT, Stanford, Yale and Harvard but here comes NPTEL, an initiative by Govt. of India. As of today NPTEL has more than 130 courses on 10 subjects. All the videos are currently hosted on YouTube as well, subscribe to nptel youtube channel and get updated about latest videos and courses. Now i am listing the courses available as of now. All the courses are college level courses.

Computer Science & Networking

  1. Artificial Intelligence, Anupam Basu, IIT Kharagpur
  2. Artificial Intelligence II, P.Dasgupta, IIT Kharagpur
  3. Broadband Networks: Concepts and Technology, Abhay Karandikar, IIT Bombay
  4. Computer Architecture, Anshul Kumar, IIT Delhi
  5. Computer Graphics, Sukhendu Das, IIT Madras
  6. Computer Networks, Sujoy Ghosh, IIT Kharagpur
  7. Computer Organization, S. Raman, IIT Madras
  8. C Programming and Data Structures, P.P.Chakraborty, IIT Kharagpur
  9. Data Communication, Ajit Pal, IIT Kharagpur
  10. Data Structures And Algorithms, Naveen Garg, IIT Delhi
  11. Database Design, D. Janaki Ram, IIT Madras
  12. Database Management System, D.Janakiram, IIT Madras
  13. Design and Analysis of Algorithms, Abhiram G Ranade, IIT Bombay
  14. Digital Computer Organization, P.K. Biswas, IIT Kharagpur
  15. Digital Systems Design, D. Roychoudhury, IIT Kharagpur
  16. Discrete Mathematical Structures, Kamala Krithivasan, IIT Madras
  17. Discrete Structures, Kamala Krithivasan, IIT Madras
  18. Internet Technology, Indranil Sengupta, IIT Kharagpur
  19. Introduction to Computer Graphics, Prem Kalra, IIT Delhi
  20. Introduction To Problem Solving, Programming, Deepak Gupta, IIT Kanpur
  21. Numerical Analysis and Computer Programming, P. B. Sunil Kumar, IIT Madras
  22. Numerical Methods and Programing, P.B.Sunil Kumar, IIT Madras
  23. Principles of Programming Languages, S. Arun Kumar, IIT Madras
  24. Software Engineering, Rushikesh K Joshi, IIT Bombay
  25. Systems Analysis and Design, V Rajaraman, IISc Bangalore

Electronics & Communication Engineering

  1. Adaptive Signal Processing, Mrityunjoy Chakraborty, IIT Kharagpur
  2. Basic Electronics, Chitralekha Mahanta, IIT Guwahati
  3. Basic Electronics and Lab, T.S. Natarajan, IIT Madras
  4. Communication Engineering, Surendra Prasad, IIT Delhi
  5. Digital Circuits and Systems, S. Srinivasan, IIT Madras
  6. Digital Communication, Bikash Kumar Dey, IIT Bombay
  7. Digital Image Processing (IIT Kharagpur), P.K. Biswas, IIT Kharagpur
  8. Digital Integrated Circuits (IITMadras), Amitava Dasgupta, IIT Madras
  9. Digital Signal Processing (IIT Delhi), S.C. Dutta Roy, IIT Delhi
  10. Digital Voice and Picture Communication, Sabyasachi Sengupta, IIT Kharagpur
  11. Electronic Design and Automation, I.Sengupta, IIT Kharagpur
  12. Electronics for Analog Signal Processing I, K.Radhakrishna Rao, IIT Madras
  13. Electronics for Analog Signal Processing II, K.Radhakrishna Rao, IIT Madras
  14. Estimation of Signals and Systems, S. Mukhopadhyay, IIT Kharagpur
  15. High Speed Devices and Circuits, K.N.Bhat, IIT Madras
  16. MEMS and Microsystems, Santiram Kal, IIT Kharagpur
  17. Networks and Systems, V.G.K.Murti, IIT Madras
  18. Neural Networks and Applications, S.Sengupta, IIT Kharagpur
  19. Probability and Random Processes, Mrityunjoy Chakraborty, IIT Kharagpur
  20. Solid State Devices (IIT Madras), S. Karmalkar, IIT Madras
  21. Transmission Lines and EM Waves, R.K. Shevgaonkar, IIT Bombay
  22. VLSI Circuits, S.Srinivasan, IIT Madras
  23. VLSI Technology, Dr. Nandita Dasgupta, IIT Madras
  24. Wireless Communication, Ranjan Bose, IIT Delhi

Electrical Engineering

  1. Analog ICs, K. Radhakrishna Rao, IIT Madras
  2. Basic Electrical Technology, L.Umanand, IISc Bangalore
  3. Chaos, Fractals and Dynamical Systems, S.Banerjee, IIT Kharagpur
  4. Circuit Theory, S.C.Dutta Roy, IIT Delhi
  5. Control Engineering, S.D.Agashe, IIT Bombay
  6. Digital Signal Processing (IITKharagpur), T.K.Basu, IIT Kharagpur
  7. Dynamics of Physical System, Soumitro Banerjee, IIT Kharagpur
  8. Electromagnetic Fields, Harishankar Ramachandran, IIT Madras
  9. Embedded Systems, Santanu Chaudhary, IIT Delhi
  10. Energy Resources and Technology, S.Banerjee, IIT Kharagpur
  11. Illumination Engineering, N.K.Kishore, IIT Kharagpur
  12. Industrial Automation and Control, S. Mukhopadhyay, IIT Kharagpur
  13. Industrial Drives and Power Electronics, K.Gopakumar, IISc Bangalore
  14. Industrial Instrumentation, Alok Barua, IIT Kharagpur
  15. Intelligent Systems and Control, Laxmidhar Behera, IIT Kanpur
  16. Introduction to Finite Element Method, R. Krishnakumar, IIT Madras
  17. Networks Signals and Systems, T.K.Basu, IIT Kharagpur
  18. Power Electronics, B.G. Fernandes, IIT Bombay
  19. Power System Dynamics, M.L.Kothari, IIT Delhi
  20. Power System Generation Transmission and Distribution, D.P.Kothari, IIT Delhi
  21. Power System Operations and Control, S.N.Singh, IIT Kanpur
  22. Power Systems Analysis, A.K. Sinha, IIT Kharagpur
  23. Power Systems Operation and Control, S.N.Singh, IIT Kanpur

Mechanical Engineering 

  1. Advanced Finite Elements Analysis, R.Krishnakumar, IIT Madras
  2. Advanced Operations Research, G.Srinivasan, IIT Madras
  3. Advanced Strength of Materials, S.K. Maiti, IIT Bombay
  4. Applied Thermodynamics for Marine Systems, P.K.Das, IIT Kharagpur
  5. Basic Thermodynamics, S.K. Som, IIT Kharagpur
  6. Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing, Anoop Chawla, IIT Delhi
  7. Design of Machine Elements I, G. Chakraborty, IIT Kharagpur
  8. Dynamics of Machines, Amitabha Ghosh, IIT Kanpur
  9. Engineering Mechanics, Manoj K Harbola, IIT Kanpur
  10. Engineering Mechanics ( IIT Guwahati), G.Saravana Kumar, IIT Guwahati
  11. Finite Element Method, C.S. Upadhyay, IIT Kanpur
  12. Fundamentals of Operations Research, G. Srinivasan, IIT Madras
  13. Heat and Mass Transfer, U.N. Gaitonde, IIT Bombay
  14. Industrial Engineering, Pradeep Kumar, IIT Roorkee
  15. Kinematics of Machines, Ashok K Mallik, IIT Kanpur
  16. Manufacturing Processes I, D.K. Dwivedi, IIT Roorkee
  17. Manufacturing Processes II, A.K. Chattopadhyay, IIT Kharagpur
  18. Material Science, S.K. Gupta, IIT Delhi
  19. Mechanical Measurements and Metrology, S. P. Venkateshan, IIT Madras
  20. Mechanical Vibrations, S.K.Dwivedy, IIT Guwahati
  21. Principles of Mechanical Measurements, R. Raman, IIT Madras
  22. Project and Production Management, Arun Kanda, IIT Delhi
  23. Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, R.C. Arora, IIT Kharagpur
  24. Robotics, C. Amarnath, IIT Bombay
  25. Strength of Materials, S.P.Harsha, IIT Roorkee

Civil Engineering

  1. Building Materials and Construction, B. Bhattacharjee, IIT Delhi
  2. Design of Reinforced Concrete Structures, N. Dhang, IIT Kharagpur
  3. Design Of Steel Structures, Damodar Maity, IIT Guwahati
  4. Engineering Geology, Debasis Roy, IIT Kharagpur
  5. Environmental Air Pollution, Mukesh Sharma, IIT Kanpur
  6. Fluid Mechanics, T.I.Eldho, IIT Bombay
  7. Foundation Engineering, N.K.Samadhiya, IIT Roorkee
  8. Hydraulics, Arup Kumar Sarma, IIT Guwahati
  9. Introduction to Transportation Engineering, Bhargab Maitra, IIT Kharagpur
  10. Mechanics of Solids, M.S.Siva Kumar, IIT Madras
  11. Modern Surveying Techniques, S.K.Ghosh, IIT Roorkee
  12. Performance of Marine Vehicles At Sea, S. C. Misra, IIT Kharagpur
  13. Prestressed Concrete Structures, A.K.Sengupta, IIT Madras
  14. Soil Mechanics, B.V.S. Viswanadham, IIT Bombay
  15. Strength of Materials, S.K.Bhattacharyya, IIT Kharagpur
  16. Structural Analysis II, P. Banerjee, IIT Bombay
  17. Surveying, Bharat Lohani, IIT Kanpur
  18. Transportation Engineering II, Rajat Rastogi, IIT Roorkee
  19. Water and Wastewater Engineering, B. S. Murty, IIT Madras
  20. Water Resources Engineering, Rajesh Srivastava, IIT Kanpur

Other Courses

  1. Applied Mechanics, R.K.Mittal, IIT Delhi
  2. BioChemistry, S.Dasgupta, IIT Kharagpur
  3. Classical Physics, V.Balakrishnan, IIT Madras
  4. Concept of Management and Evolution of Management thought, K.B. Akhilesh, IISc Bangalore
  5. Engineering Chemistry I, Mangala Sunder, IIT Madras
  6. Engineering Physics II, V. Ravishankar, IIT Kanpur
  7. Enzyme Science and Engineering, Subhash Chand, IIT Delhi
  8. Fundamentals of Environmental Pollution and Control, Jayanta Bhattacharya, IIT Kharagpur
  9. Human Resource Management, Kalyan Chakravarti, IIT Kharagpur
  10. Leadership, Kalyan Chakravarti, IIT Kharagpur
  11. Management Information System, Biswajit Mahanty, IIT Kharagpur
  12. Management Science, Anuradha Sharma, IIT Delhi
  13. Mathematics I, Swagato K. Ray, IIT Kanpur
  14. Mathematics II, Sunita Gakkhar, IIT Roorkee
  15. Mathematics III, P.N. Agrawal, IIT Roorkee
  16. Physics I: Oscillations and Waves, S. Bharadwaj, IIT Kharagpur
  17. Quantum Physics, V.Balakrishnan, IIT Madras
  18. Strength and Vibration of Marine Structures, A.H. Sheikh, IIT Kharagpur